Spotlight: Freeman Cosby

When you see a big yellow and white (extremely well-cared for) 2020 Kenworth rig, hauling a huge piece of equipment, and driving onto your jobsite, that’ll be Freeman Cosby. Freeman has been hauling equipment at C.A. Murren for 16 years this month, and he is one of the safest drivers on the road. “He’s extremely safety conscious,” says a teammate, “he’s continually thinking at least one step ahead.” Who is Freeman? Freeman is a traveler, a treasure hunter, a protector, a worker, an influencer, an adventurer. He’s a husband to his wife Trenesa, whom he married in 1997, and a [...]

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Deliver Results

"As you go throughout your day, think about how you can deliver results a little better each moment. Whether you are at work or at home, make this a priority & be intentional about delivering results and watch how things change for the better."   #murrenway #fundamentals #14deliverresults

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Kindness Goes A Long Way

With the temperature maxing out at 95 yesterday and a heat index of 105, the Huguenot Crew was working hard to keep cool with a tent, fan and water. The woman whose lawn they are occupying brought out some brownies and fresh flowers to brighten their day. It was a hot day filled with cool people. Pictured left to right: Matt Meade, Ben Vineyard, Sean Hurson, Matt Marcum and Grayson Broom. Chris Leadbetter is taking the picture. #nicepeople #kindness #summerheat  #BROWNIES!

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Spotlight: Justin Mossinger

“I was working at a grading company in 2016 and C.A. Murren had a job through the woods. Another guy came over to Murren and told me about it, so I went to talk to the foreman on site. They sent my number to C3, I came and ran some equipment, and…” …and the rest is history, as the saying goes. Today, Justin is one of our top grading foreman, working in the Atlanta area. You won’t see any crew members in a hurry to leave his team. What’s the pull? Justin is a strong leader. He is always concerned [...]

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Spotlight: Jared Peoples

If you’ve ever worked with or gotten to know Jared Peoples over the last two years, then you know Jared doesn’t waste words. He says what he intends to say and nothing else. This ability to speak leanly can be intimidating in a world where senseless chatter runs rampant, but we at C.A. Murren find it to be refreshing and genuine to say the least. Jared is a meticulous person who thrives on routine. He likes to keep his area clean because its peaceful. He enjoys playing basketball at the gym, and video games on Saturdays with his long-time buddies [...]

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Spotlight: Evan Pope

Evan Pope’s story has been a test of strength. “I was working at Plant Branch in Milledgeville when it was still operational. In 2009, just after my 2-year anniversary, one of our ash hoppers had clogged and had to be opened up. When I did that, all the ash poured out onto the floor…the ash was between 800 and 1000 degrees. It melted my boot when it made contact. While one of my teammates went to get the proper PPE so we could free the air line, the temperature had risen 40 degrees in 10 minutes. By the time I [...]

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Dale Carnegie

“Hi, I am Charlie Murren and I am living an intentional life!” Congratulations to Charlie Murren IV on his @dalecarnegie graduation on July 15th. We are so proud of your hard work and level of commitment to your career and to the team! #dalecarnegie #liveintentionally #murrenway #workonyourself #honorcommitments

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Spotlight: Andrew Culpepper

It was a hot July Monday in 2016 when Andrew Culpepper arrived at the Grayson office as a Project Manager. At the time we were involved in some residential work in Gwinnett County, and Andrew came in mid-project. It’s not every day that you get to work with someone like Andrew Culpepper. You can always count on Andrew to take on any task with enthusiasm and vigor. He’s a solid team player and has a resilience matched only by his loyalty and commitment. Andrew is the type of person who works incredibly hard, puts his whole self into whatever he [...]

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