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Spotlight: Dalton Pierce

“Having worked with Dalton for the past several months I have come to know him as a go-getter. He is never one to just wait around for something to do. He takes the initiative and finds things to do.” That’s the general consensus on Dalton Pierce, a young man who has made quite an impression on the C.A. Murren team since joining us two years ago. Dalton grew up in Kentucky, but by the third grade he was getting to travel with his dad to the various jobsites he worked on (James Pierce is also on the team as a [...]

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Spotlight: Chester Mosely

If you have ever found yourself on the jobsite with Chester, you’ve probably gotten the Chester Mosely experience. You’re going to know when Chester is there. He’s energetic, positive, outgoing and hardworking. “He brings a great attitude to the team, makes everybody laugh,” says a teammate. Chester grew up in Alabama, and he’s been doing construction all his life. He came from a pretty large family – 13 kids—and he himself has three children. Two boys and a girl. His youngest son is 9 months old (we hope to recruit him in about 17 years). He’s a happy husband to [...]

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Spotlight: Babar Laghari

Babar Laghari has had a very interesting and successful life so far. He was born in Dadu—a very small town in Pakistan—and raised in Karachi, Pakistan, one of the largest cities in the country. Karachi is where Babar did his initial schooling, along the way mastering not just his first language, Siraeki, but three others as well—English, Sindhi, and Urdu. By 2013 he was headed to the United States (Atlanta, to be exact) to pursue his master’s in building construction at Georgia Tech. Babar and Sana celebrated their marriage in August of 2017, and in 2019 he saw more success [...]

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It’s The Murren Way

It’s The Murren Way where we train, produce, cut once, and keep it safe! #Murrenway #fundamentals #singersongwriter

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