Babar Laghari has had a very interesting and successful life so far. He was born in Dadu—a very small town in Pakistan—and raised in Karachi, Pakistan, one of the largest cities in the country. Karachi is where Babar did his initial schooling, along the way mastering not just his first language, Siraeki, but three others as well—English, Sindhi, and Urdu. By 2013 he was headed to the United States (Atlanta, to be exact) to pursue his master’s in building construction at Georgia Tech.

Babar and Sana celebrated their marriage in August of 2017, and in 2019 he saw more success and happiness when he became a U.S. Citizen. It was a proud day for Babar, and it was a proud day for C.A. Murren as we celebrated with him (he’d been a part of the team for a year by then.) The effort that went into this achievement is enormous and we were overjoyed for him. In December of 2020, the best was yet to come when Sana joined Babar here in the United States.

Now at three years, Babar has solidified his place on the CAM team. Babar is a true team player, exhibiting all the traits—loyalty, fun, hard work, and a willingness to do whatever it takes. “He’s very teachable,” says a fellow teammate, “a real team player. You really only have to show him how to do something one time and he gets it. He is quick to respond and never complains. He has a great sense of humor too—doesn’t take himself too seriously.”

Teammates like Babar make it hard to pick a representative fundamental, but I think number 21 – Think Team – says it all. After all, to be an MVP team player, don’t you have to represent all the fundamentals well?

Thanks for all your hard work Babar, we appreciate and value you!

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