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Spotlight: Becky Smith

“My favorite fundamental is number 21--Think Team. An individual can never accomplish everything by themselves, but if we work as a team we can accomplish a lot.” Becky Smith, Equipment Administrator, definitely lives this fundamental in particular. Ask for help from Becky, and you’ll get it. Becky is a positive person. “I stay true to myself. I don’t let others influence or talk me into doing things I don’t want to do.” No matter what’s going on with Becky, she wakes up on the right side of the bed every morning, maintaining an optimistic outlook on life. She is imaginative [...]

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Spotlight: Mike Siebieda

Mike Siebieda is a project manager for the Inland division at C.A. Murren. October 22nd is his third anniversary at the company, so we sat down with Mike to found out what lies behind blue eyes. Before he came to C.A. Murren, Mike was a business owner himself. “I’ve been in management most of my life. Even in high school. I started out delivering pizzas then became the store manager. My goal will always be to move up, learn and grow.” Perhaps the owner’s mindset is what makes Mike such a successful project manager. “There’s a lot of similarities between [...]

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Think Team

A great amount of effort goes into being a solid team player, although our C.A. Murren teammates make it look easy. It’s great to be working with such a great group of individuals. Thank you for your hard work and dedication to the team. Thank you for showing up every day no matter what. #murrenway #thinkteam

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Fundamental Number 20—Invest in Relationships.

People who build great relationships don't just think about other people—they act on those thoughts.  One way of showing you think of others is to give unexpected, genuine praise. Everyone loves unexpected praise--it's like getting flowers not because it's Valentine's Day, but "just because." Praise boosts morale and lets them know you're thinking about them (which is flattering in itself.) Take a little time every day to do something nice for someone you know, not because you're expected to but simply because you can. When you do, your relationships improve dramatically. #investinrelationships #murrenway

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Spotlight: Charlie Murren IV

September 1st marks 21 years that Charlie Murren IV has worked at the company. Charlie (fondly known as ‘C4’ to his colleagues) has experienced many positions over the years. Coming in as a laborer digging ditches, during that time he also learned about surveying and he learned to operate equipment (he’s always a top contender in an always very close contest of Egg Pick Up, sometimes taking home the gold medal.). He has worked in IT and project management, in the meantime gaining his master’s in business at UGA. He also worked in division management. Today, Charlie is heading up [...]

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