Take this Job and Shove it! – Happy Retirement to Patrick Ryan

Take this job and shove it! - It was a bittersweet luncheon celebrating Patrick Ryan, CFO of 7 years, as he enters retirement. Patrick, we are beyond honored that you would choose to spend your last precious moments as a hardworking individual with us. We look forward to your postcards from below the equator. You have truly earned your rest and relaxation. Three cheers for the golden years! #retirement #valuedteammember #celebratesuccess  

Spotlight: Hoos Ali

Spotlight: Hoos Ali If you’ve worked with Hoos Ali, superintendent in Savannah, GA then you know this about him: he’s genuine, honest, energetic, and a great storyteller. He had an interesting analogy for his favorite fundamental (No. 1, Act with Integrity). “When I was in school, a professor gave us 20 items and asked which one was the most valuable. One of the things was electricity—and none of the other ‘very valuable’ objects would run without it. That’s how I think of integrity—nothing works without it.” How did Hoos come to be in heavy civil construction? “In high school I [...]


The nightshift crew at Huguenot is working hard while we sleep, installing 24-45" bends and a 24" butterfly valve.

Spotlight: Becky Smith

“My favorite fundamental is number 21--Think Team. An individual can never accomplish everything by themselves, but if we work as a team we can accomplish a lot.” Becky Smith, Equipment Administrator, definitely lives this fundamental in particular. Ask for help from Becky, and you’ll get it. Becky is a positive person. “I stay true to myself. I don’t let others influence or talk me into doing things I don’t want to do.” No matter what’s going on with Becky, she wakes up on the right side of the bed every morning, maintaining an optimistic outlook on life. She is imaginative [...]

First Annual Career Day

MARK YOUR CALENDAR for our First Annual Career Day at our office in Grayson, GA on July 24th. Everyone is invited to enjoy food, music, equipment contest and more! #investinrelationships #CAMcareerday