C. A. Murren’s wide range of experience, knowledge and resources allows us to offer a truly complete selection of site development services.  A wide range of clients with a diverse project requirements has given us a unique perspective on meeting goals efficiently and economically as well as maximizing communication, stressing safety and ensuring the highest levels of quality and productivity.

From energy to transportation, utilities to sheeting and shoring, aviation to marine, our comprehensive services are advanced solutions for today’s toughest challenges.

Meeting Your Goals

C. A. Murren’s key to meeting your goals is our intensive planning and scheduling phase.  When we design the plan for successful completion of a project, we not only list the steps required to complete the project, but also the specific details and goals for each of those steps.  The services we provide include proposal development, pre-construction, project timelines, regular project schedule reviews, site visit reviews, recovery plans, tasks matrix, and other project planning amenities.

Our planning for projects continues throughout the project life cycle, but is most important during the initial phase of the project.  C. A. Murren specializes in its Project Management team and continues to utilize the most innovative solutions to keep our projects up to date, on task, in budget, and ahead of schedule.  Collaboration is a critical component of a successful project and our team strives to keep an open source of communication so that we can meet our clients goals.

Quality Assurance

Quality AssuranceOur reputation is built upon the quality of service along with the value of the product we deliver.  Our success is dependent upon constant improvement to our organization.  Our highly skilled and qualified staff are equipped to implement these improvements to provide our client with quality and value on any project.

Our Quality Assurance program is designed to meet and exceed our client’s expectations not only by way of deliverables but also the activities performed to produce those deliverables.  Our quality control staff has an extensive portfolio and is available to assist in tasks such as:

  • Management Responsibilities
  • Inspection Testing
  • Corrective Actions
  • Quality Records
  • Training
  • Purchasing Methods
  • Document Control
  • Technology

Our goal is to perform the work to the best quality from the beginning.  We continuously evaluate our methods and strive to achieve more streamline processes to help achieve the HIGHEST quality.


  • We strive to improve ourselves by routinely seeking and giving feedback.
  • We measure our performance against established expectations and take corrective action as needed.
  • We make time for training and development.
  • We know that successful performance is no accident.  It requires discipline and active commitment to be exceptional.

Training & Development

C. A. Murren views training as an investment in the growth and development of our employees.  As such, we routinely and regularly engage top notch, world renown training programs to advance our employees, both professionally and personally.

Our training includes:

Franklin Covey – 4 Disciplines of Execution, Time Management and 7 Habits of Successful People
Dale Carnegie – Tailored Corporate Leadership Program, Leadership Training for Managers
NCCER & Clemson University – Project Management Training
Construction Concepts – Lean Construction and Production Planning Training
Success by Design – Communication, Performance Management and Leadership Principles

Our training does not end with management.  All employees including craft professionals and administrators along with technical associates and executives are encouraged to actively participate in development programs on an annual basis.  From weekly “Tool Box Safety Talks” and OSHA Safety Certifications to Industry Specific Trade Associations, our employees are encouraged to take advantage of every opportunity to learn, grow, and advance in our organization.

C. A. Murren proves its commitment to ongoing professional and technical development through it’s willingness to invest in the BEST training possible for our associates.  We believe that fostering an environment of learning is the key to making sure the human element continues to be the cornerstone of our success.

  • We are committed to ongoing professional and technical development.
  • We recognize training opportunities and seek to maximize the return on such endeavors.
  • We openly share our knowledge that we all may benefit from individual experiences and training.

Murren Academy

C. A. Murren takes the education of its current employees seriously as well as the education of the next generation.  The Murren Academy was established in 2003 to educate the trainee in the field of heavy construction, to identify his/her strengths, and to customize a construction career path suited to that individual.  Workers with strong potential learn their trade in the most effective and thorough ways possible.  The Academy provides these promising employees with the expertise and confidence necessary to put them at the forefront of our industry.