Water/Waste Water

C. A. Murren offers a full range of sustainable quality services in the water and wastewater market for municipalities, government, commercial, and industrial sectors.  As our infrastructures throughout America is deteriorating and our population is increasing, it is critical that we build and rehabilitate our systems so that we conserve our most precious natural resource- water.

DRINKING WATER:   We understand the growing demand to provide clean and safe drinking water to our communities and businesses.  Our professional staff and partners keep current with the latest regulations and technology so that we can provide cost-effective solutions that will meet the regulations and durability of the future.  Our focus is to provide our clients with engineering and construction that will yield cost effective, sufficient and safe drinking water.

INDUSTRIAL WATER: As a leader in the industry, C. A. Murren strives to provide our clients with water solutions to meet their regulatory needs.  Water solutions to industrial sites must stand the test of time.  We are capable of providing comprehensive services in automation upgrades, new and upgraded treatment facilities, construction management services, and regulatory assistance.

WASTEWATER:  We are a provider of engineering, construction management, startup, commissioning, and operations to the wastewater industry.  Through our trained and expert staff, we are able to identify environmental challenges and protect our public waterways and drinking water.  The primary approach is to work with our clients to develop construction solutions that collect, convey, and treat effluent.

INFRASTRUCTURE: We are experienced in the installation of water transmission and distribution systems that support this market.  We have extensive experience and training in the installation of high density polyethylene pipe (HDPE). Our project portfolio includes: dam construction, pump stations, sewer pipelines, storm water pipelines, raw water mains, and water distribution pipelines.