Spotlight: Mike Siebieda

Mike Siebieda is a project manager for the Inland division at C.A. Murren. October 22nd is his third anniversary at the company, so we sat down with Mike to found out what lies behind blue eyes. Before he came to C.A. Murren, Mike was a business owner himself. “I’ve been in management most of my life. Even in high school. I started out delivering pizzas then became the store manager. My goal will always be to move up, learn and grow.” Perhaps the owner’s mindset is what makes Mike such a successful project manager. “There’s a lot of similarities between [...]

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Fundamental No. 15 – Lead By Example

Lead By Example - The best way to influence others is through your own example. Don’t wait for others to change. Be the change you want to see. Start by Leading Yourself Learning to lead yourself takes work.  The learning part comes in developing those skills, attitudes and habits that make you a better leader.  Leadership requires a commitment to continually educate and develop yourself, nurturing complex relationships and earning the respect of those you lead, those you follow, and those who either regularly or occasionally are part of your life. The journey begins inside. Therefore, the first person you [...]

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Fundamental No. 26 – Celebrate Success

Celebrate Success - Catching people doing things right is more effective than catching them doing things wrong. Regularly give, receive and ask for meaningful acknowledgement and appreciation - in all directions throughout the company. Recognize Success We celebrate people on numerous occasions: congratulating them on birthdays, weddings, baby showers and so much more.  But do you remember to take the time to celebrate your hard-working team?  Do you commend their efforts towards achieving milestones?  Let’s not forget that a company’s greatest resource is it's employees. Without them very little would be achieved.  While some may wonder why you have to celebrate [...]

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