“Having worked with Dalton for the past several months I have come to know him as a go-getter. He is never one to just wait around for something to do. He takes the initiative and finds things to do.” That’s the general consensus on Dalton Pierce, a young man who has made quite an impression on the C.A. Murren team since joining us two years ago.

Dalton grew up in Kentucky, but by the third grade he was getting to travel with his dad to the various jobsites he worked on (James Pierce is also on the team as a foreman). This sense of adventure is what draws Dalton to construction. “It’s something different every day,” he affirmed. Dalton was a wrestler in middle school and high school, and a pretty good one because in the 8th grade he came in second at the state level! While wrestling is done and gone, it will always be a fond memory for him. Nowadays, when Dalton isn’t working, you’ll find him outside hanging with friends and family, or tubing with his boat (he hasn’t chosen a name for her yet.). He has two dogs, Jax and Eve, and he plans to bring them along on his travels soon.

Dalton travels wherever the team has a need. Right now he is in Milledgeville, GA, but he has great memories of his time at Redstone in Alabama as well and has made lasting relationships with his more seasoned teammates, picking their brains for their experience and wisdom. Now of course we asked Dalton which fundamental is his favorite and he said “I like number 5—Get clear on expectations. Plan the work, work the plan; I like it because that’s what I strive for.” Those who have worked closely with Dalton would undoubtably agree—they say he represents number 6 very well, because he takes ownership of every task he takes on.

Dalton, thank you for hard working, can-do attitude. We are looking forward to seeing your continued success!

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