“To me attitude is everything. Henry’s is great. He works hard, stays busy and does good work. Henry is as dependable an employee as I have ever worked with.”

This is what a fellow teammate said about Henry as he reminisced on the first job on which he met Henry, up at Lake Hartwell. This month, Henry has been with C.A. Murren for three years. Right this very moment, he is working hard and doing good work over in Blair, Nebraska at Fort Calhoun.

Henry was born and raised in Royston, GA. He’s been doing carpentry work pretty much since he left high school. He has two kids, Shelby and Robert. Shelby is 26 and Robert is 23 (look closely at the collage to see how much they favor Henry!). They’re close with Henry—“we talk every day, pretty much,”—and he enjoys spending time with them. Henry likes to go to car shows on the weekends. “…Old American muscle cars. My son has a replica of General Lee, from Dukes of Hazard.” (see pictures!) “I like to work on cars when I’m home.”

He’s not home a lot, because Henry has traveled for Murren wherever he has been needed over the past 3 years. He has a farm at home in Royston, and while he’s away, his son and his dad keep up with the cows. On Labor Day weekend, Shelby and Robert came out to Nebraska to see Henry! They traveled to Mount Rushmore and Yellowstone.

As it always does, the conversation drifted to life at C.A. Murren, and the Murren Way. We asked Henry: what has kept you here these past three years? “Well, I’ve been working pretty steady, and this is something I like doing. I like working with James Pierce; he’s about as good a foreman as you’re ever gonna get to work for.”

And his favorite fundamental? “The one that sticks in my head is number 14—Deliver Results. ‘What does “done done” look like’—I always think about that. I want it to be done right. If you can’t do it right, then there’s no need to be doing it to start with.”

Henry, your teammates not only feel you deliver results, but they have also said you live fundamental number 1—Act with Integrity, number 28—’Bring it’ Every Day, and number 8—Honor Commitments. Thank you for your hard work and your willingness to do what needs to be done. We hope you want to keep on delivering results on our team for years to come! Happy Anniversary!