September 1st marks 21 years that Charlie Murren IV has worked at the company. Charlie (fondly known as ‘C4’ to his colleagues) has experienced many positions over the years. Coming in as a laborer digging ditches, during that time he also learned about surveying and he learned to operate equipment (he’s always a top contender in an always very close contest of Egg Pick Up, sometimes taking home the gold medal.). He has worked in IT and project management, in the meantime gaining his master’s in business at UGA. He also worked in division management. Today, Charlie is heading up training and development at C.A. Murren, creating clear, achievable career paths for each position in the company. Charlie is valued for his logical thinking, his technical expertise, reliability, and extremely witty, dry sense of humor. He excels at fundamental number 18—Find a Better Way, as he is always looking for the most logical and efficient way to achieve our common goals, understanding that the best way often changes with time. Charlie, thank you for the time and effort you have put into your career so far. Happy Anniversary!