If you have ever found yourself on the jobsite with Chester, you’ve probably gotten the Chester Mosely experience. You’re going to know when Chester is there. He’s energetic, positive, outgoing and hardworking. “He brings a great attitude to the team, makes everybody laugh,” says a teammate.

Chester grew up in Alabama, and he’s been doing construction all his life. He came from a pretty large family – 13 kids—and he himself has three children. Two boys and a girl. His youngest son is 9 months old (we hope to recruit him in about 17 years). He’s a happy husband to Christine and has been for 30 years.

When asked what his favorite part of construction is, he responded: “I like construction so much it’s hard to say, but I guess the civil work is my favorite.”—Well, you’re in the right place, Chester!—“And I love running the saw, I’ve been doing that all my life.”

I asked a crew leader which fundamental Chester represents the best, and he answered emphatically “Number 2—THINK SAFE WORK SAFE! On more than one occasion he has brought to my attention a legit safety concern which we were able to correct promptly and without incident.”


Chester, thanks for your continued hard work and your willingness to go where the team needs you most.  #thinksafeworksafe #employeespotlight #murrenway