“I was working at a grading company in 2016 and C.A. Murren had a job through the woods. Another guy came over to Murren and told me about it, so I went to talk to the foreman on site. They sent my number to C3, I came and ran some equipment, and…”

…and the rest is history, as the saying goes. Today, Justin is one of our top grading foreman, working in the Atlanta area. You won’t see any crew members in a hurry to leave his team. What’s the pull? Justin is a strong leader. He is always concerned with the well-being of his teammates, treats people with respect, drives production, but most of all, Justin inspires a team style atmosphere. “Keep. Things. Fun.” This was Justin’s firm answer to the ‘favorite fundamental’ question. He recently declared Fridays “Hawaiian Shirt Day” on the jobsite (see pictures!). Everyone must wear a fun Hawaiian style shirt on Fridays—even the customers.

At home, Justin loves spending time with his family. He’s been married to his wife, Jill, for 13 years and they have two boys: Bentley, 10, and Gatlin, who will be 3 this month. Bentley is just getting into football so a lot of Justin’s fall will be spent going to practices and games.

Justin also loves to go turkey hunting. “I love it for the adrenaline rush,” he said. “Hunting turkey, you have to get out there and call the turkey to you, so it’s more of a challenge. When you’re out there in the woods and then there’s a turkey 30ft away gobbling, it’s an adrenaline rush like no other. It’s really something to see it.”

Working with Justin, you’ll find he has a great ability to let others learn. “He’s not afraid to step back and let them try it,” says a fellow manager, “and if we fail, then we fail, but he doesn’t just care about his own success—his success is derived from the team.”

The best teammates are the ones who also work on themselves, and Justin is constantly working on himself. He has a natural drive to succeed, to grow and develop on his own. “I never want to stay stagnant. I want to push myself to the ‘uncomfortable zone’. Progress, learn more, better myself. I get nervous because I care and don’t want to mess up, but you keep doing the same things and you’re not gonna get better. You do those things you’re not good at and after a while you’ll look back and think ‘well, that wasn’t so bad.’”

Justin, you are a pleasure to work with and we appreciate your drive, energy, and your FUN. Happy 5 years, and happy Hawaiian shirt day!

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