If you’ve ever worked with or gotten to know Jared Peoples over the last two years, then you know Jared doesn’t waste words. He says what he intends to say and nothing else. This ability to speak leanly can be intimidating in a world where senseless chatter runs rampant, but we at C.A. Murren find it to be refreshing and genuine to say the least.

Jared is a meticulous person who thrives on routine. He likes to keep his area clean because its peaceful. He enjoys playing basketball at the gym, and video games on Saturdays with his long-time buddies for what he calls a meeting of the minds as they sort out the many curiosities of life while slaying bad guys.

He may thrive on routine, but he is deceptively adventurous. He recently got into roller skating and has learned how to turn backwards while in mid skate! “Basketball, video games, and roller skating. That’s what I do,” he said, but then after a moment he added, “But who knows? Next month it could be something else. I like to get into things.”

At work Jared has put a lot of energy into his work as an estimator. We were lucky to snag Jared right out of college so we like to think we’ve taught him everything he knows, but the truth is, Jared has taken ownership of his own training. He puts his whole self into his work just the way an artist would paint a picture or a musician would play a song. He knows all the ends and outs of the program he runs and intends to submit nothing but excellence. “As an estimator, you’re responsible for this job. You created and planned this project from start to finish, and that’s something I really get excited about.”

Jared had a hard time picking his favorite fundamental, but we didn’t: Number 22—Work on Yourself. Jared is completely ok with feeling uncomfortable, and always willing to participate and try something new.

Jared, we look forward to seeing you continue to stretch yourself and grow here at C.A. Murren. Thank you for the good energy and fun that you bring to the team. Year 3 is going to be the best year yet!

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