It was a hot July Monday in 2016 when Andrew Culpepper arrived at the Grayson office as a Project Manager. At the time we were involved in some residential work in Gwinnett County, and Andrew came in mid-project. It’s not every day that you get to work with someone like Andrew Culpepper. You can always count on Andrew to take on any task with enthusiasm and vigor. He’s a solid team player and has a resilience matched only by his loyalty and commitment. Andrew is the type of person who works incredibly hard, puts his whole self into whatever he does, and then if things go wrong, miraculously, you’ll see him give a slight grin as if to say “well, tomorrow’s a new day.”

Today, at 5 years, Andrew is Division Manager of the Inland group. He’s well liked throughout his division. This could be because he represents fundamental number 20 so well – Invest in Relationships. Andrew cares about people and finds joy and amusement in their many idiosyncrasies. From the beginning he’s been involved on the human side and goes out of his way to talk face to face with his teammates.

At home he’s no different. He met his future wife Christy in 2002, and they were married in 2010. They have two kids, Maddie, 9 and Thomas, 5. Maddie is into riding horses, and Thomas is now at the age where they can go fishing together, so they like to fish, saltwater and freshwater. Every year they go on a group vacation to Saint George Island with his childhood friends and their families. That’s some serious relationship investment!

So how did Andrew end up here? “I started in bi-medical engineering and then realized I didn’t want to be an engineer—I wanted to be on the construction side of it. So I changed over to construction management.” When asked “why construction?”, he replied with the only truthful answer a born contractor can give: “Because I played with Legos and things my whole life. I’ve always enjoyed building things.”

Andrew’s favorite fundamental is number 15 – lead by example. “I feel strongly that I should act with my team how I expect them to act, be able to show how something is done, and explain why we do things a certain way.”

Thank you, Andrew, for your commitment, your good example, and your good-natured camaraderie. Happy Anniversary!

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