When you see a big yellow and white (extremely well-cared for) 2020 Kenworth rig, hauling a huge piece of equipment, and driving onto your jobsite, that’ll be Freeman Cosby. Freeman has been hauling equipment at C.A. Murren for 16 years this month, and he is one of the safest drivers on the road. “He’s extremely safety conscious,” says a teammate, “he’s continually thinking at least one step ahead.”

Who is Freeman? Freeman is a traveler, a treasure hunter, a protector, a worker, an influencer, an adventurer. He’s a husband to his wife Trenesa, whom he married in 1997, and a father to his two sons, Chase and Jamal. He’s also a grandfather to Bryson, 4, and Bryleigh, 2. He likes to travel, and has been to 48 states! “Upstate New York, that was great scenery,” he said. “Those are some pretty mountains.”

But when he retires (he’s shooting for retirement at age 60), he wants to travel out west. “I don’t necessarily need to leave the country,” he said, “there’s so many things to see in the US.”

Freeman has been driving trucks for 31 years. “My first driving job was working for a moving company. I moved pianos and antiques. That’s how I got into antiques,” Freeman said. Today, buying and selling antiques is one of his hobbies. He has five booths over in Covington, GA. “I love antiques for the craftmanship and the story. They were here before us, they’re here now, and they’ll be here when we’re gone. It’s something to me.”

Buying and selling antiques also allows Freeman to meet new and interesting people, which is one the things he loves about his job. “I enjoy working with people—no two days are ever the same for me. I like that challenge. One of the reasons I love C.A. Murren is that I’m not pressured. I get my assignment and I do it; I can be left alone.”

We can attest that Freeman gets things done. He is a superstar teammate. His tenure is not the proof in the pudding, however—it’s the overwhelming amount of positive feedback that comes from his coworkers. We went around and asked his peers: What makes Freeman such a great teammate? The answers came easily and with enthusiasm. So suit up and get ready to dive into some Freeman love, because we have a lot to say!

“Freeman is top notch. His attention to detail is impeccable. He makes my job a lot easier.”

“He treats the company’s property like its his own.”

“His positive attitude. He always has a smile on his face.”

“He’s willing to do whatever to get the job done—getting equipment out for us. One of the best truck drivers I’ve ever seen. If you’ve got a bad spot that most people can’t get into, call Freeman, and he’ll get it in there.”

“His professional mannerism and his character. He’s such a polite person, so easy to work with. And he knows his business! You can rely him to get things done.”

“He’s a good fella. Great attitude. He’s kind of a one man show. He’ll go to your job sometimes on the weekend if he couldn’t get to it during the week—he unloads a piece, parks it, and loads up another all by himself, and your back in business on Monday.”

“I am a fan Freeman! He is reliable and dependable, but its more than just that. He’s enjoyable to be around, and his efforts end in results. He has incredible work ethic combined with an outgoing and engaging personality.”

“He’s never shy about putting on a pair of gloves and helping someone out. He puts a lot of personal pride into his work and there isn’t a single person who has met Freeman who doesn’t see it—in the cleanliness of his truck and the skill of his driving.”

Freeman’s favorite fundamental is number 6—Take Ownership. It’s clear that your teammates feel you live this fundamental, Freeman. You are an exemplary person, and we all appreciate you so much. We hope when you are 60 that we get the honor of helping you celebrate your retirement. Happy Anniversary!

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