“Number 1—act with integrity. That would be my favorite fundamental. I also like lead by example, but to lead by example you have to have integrity. You have to lead with integrity.” These are great words, spoken by none other than our Dave Davis, Superintendent, who is celebrating 10 years with the team this month. We can attest that Dave lives these words. “He’s a very honest man,” a teammate said simply. Dave is honest, kind, and a great teacher. He’s always willing to work with his crew, truly leading them by example, as he shows them how to do something new or shows the correct way to execute a task.

Dave resides on Saint Simon’s Island in Georgia with his wife, Margot. They have 3 children who are all grown up (Rhett, Brittany, and Nicole, pictured) and four grandchildren whom they like to spend time with. Dave is always making plans and making things happen at home. On a typical weekend Dave will be spending time working on his house. Last winter they finished a deck and staircase to the garage apartment. They just finished putting a new door on the garage as well as remodeling the bathroom. One of his next projects is building a new gazebo next to the pool. “I’ve always liked to build, to put things together. I guess its in my blood, I’ve been doing it since I was little.” He’s been in construction all of his adult life except for when he attended college and joined the Coast Guard, but even as part of the Coast Guard he was involved in restoring and maintaining a small historical boat station on the west coast.

Back to Dave at work, we would add that Dave represents very well fundamental number 8—honor commitments. 10 years speaks for itself. However, you are right Dave, it all starts with fundamental number 1—act with integrity.

We feel very lucky to have such an honest, kind, hardworking soul on the team like Dave. Thank you, Dave, for your commitment to this team. To 10 more years!

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