Backing up equipment and vehicles is a challenging and dangerous task that can cause serious injury or even death to workers.

Employers and supervisors should provide workers with:

  • Information to recognize hazards
  • Vehicles and equipment that operate properly (horns, four-way flashers, backup alarms, mirrors, sensors and cameras)
  • Training to operate equipment safely
  • Training to inspect their vehicles and surroundings before driving and after breaks to see if the area is clear.

To Prevent Runovers, Train Workers to:

  • Keep mirrors and cab windows clean.
  • Roll down windows and open vehicle’s doors to hear shouts.
  • Know the vehicle’s blind spots — mirrors never show the entire view.
  • Have another worker assist the driver to back up.
  • Never rest or sleep near vehicles or equipment.
  • Limit walking or working behind vehicles.
  • Drive forward instead of backing up, even though it takes more time.
  • Look out for/alert other workers when vehicles and equipment are nearby.

Vehicle Safety

  • Ensure that workers understand and use hand signals (not verbal commands) when noise or distance is involved. (See ASABE/E19).
  • Never assume that the driver can see other workers.
  • When in doubt, don’t back up!