The YKTA project for Toyota is nearing completion even with the rain we have received since December.  The utilities and site grading are 90% percent complete.  Backfilling the press pits with the wet conditions is a hurdle we have managed by mixing a chemical admixture into the soil to dry the moisture.  It has allowed us to be productive on days that we would normally not be able to work.  We have worked closely with the client to mitigate the unsuitable conditions and maintain the owner’s milestones.

The DNUS project for Toyota has had some of the same challenges as YKTA.  We have mixed chemical agents with the soil to deliver the building pad on time and maintain the customer’s critical path.  One obstacle for the project occurred when Toyota’s legal department in Japan decided the storm drain outlet could not cross the utility right of way and tie into the existing outfall ditch.  We worked closely with the design engineer and customer to reroute the storm drain on the east side of the project to the west side of the project.

The Toyota projects have received 25.0” of rain since December.  It’s raining now as this article is being written!