Project Description

The Novel project in Midtown is a complex project on a very tight site.  Zach Fry and Justin Mossinger are pulling together the operations in the field.  Located in the heart of Atlanta in a very busy part of the city, the site is just over 2 acres in size and every square foot will be disturbed in some way.  Despite its small size, this project will require the export of over 150,000 cubic yards of materials of which we anticipate 38,000 cubic yards of blast rock.   With a site this small, the need to export 150,000 cubic yards of material equates to cuts that average more than 45 feet over the entire site!  In addition to the deep cuts and export operations, we will also be installing two very large underground detention vaults for the storm sewer along with deep water quality structures, both fire and domestic water services as well as sanitary sewer service.  This demanding project will require close coordination with other contractors and careful sequencing of our team.  Zach and Justin are up to the task and excited about the opportunity to show the General Contractor, Balfour Beatty, what the team at C.A. Murren can do.