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Project 2C. A. Murren is a full-service, well established industrial, civil, and power industry contractor performing work throughout the Southeastern and Mid-Atlantic United States with offices located in Georgia, Alabama, North Carolina, Virginia and Maryland. For more than 20 years, we have offered the highest levels of industrial site development performance and we are proud of our long legacy of serving the Southeast. Our philosophy is to focus on both the human element and the high quality, sustainable construction that makes us who we are. We are completely dedicated to serving our clients, our communities, and significantly the people who make C. A. Murren more than a simple place to work, but a team and family-oriented experience like few others.


We have been producing structural concrete projects with one philosophy: to establish ourselves as a contractor producing superior structures that architects, general contractors and construction managers can rely and depend on.
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In-house engineering skills, heavy rigging expertise, and hands-on ability allow us to plan and orchestrate safe, civil steel erections. Our skilled erectors have the innovative ideas, technical ability and can-do spirit to get the job done.
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At C. A. Murren our material handling division offers a wide variety of services from turn-key construction to plant maintenance.
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C. A. Murren has an extensive background in marine construction in both the private and public sectors: in-house marine engineering & design is also available as an option in meeting the needs of our clients.
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Over time our clients have trusted us to handle excavations for private, commercial, industrial, and municipal sites.
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We are capable of installing pipelines for water distribution, blow down, landfill gas collection, irrigation, re-use water, storm water, sewer, chemical and other industries.
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Having driven piles for over 20 years, we have the knowledge and experience to tackle any piling requirement.
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C. A. Murren has the capabilities to provide a design-build shoring system or to install a pre-designed shoring system that meets your needs. Our crews consist of certified welders to ensure that waler and struts are installed correctly.
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Speak Straight
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Fundamental #8 – Honor commitments

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Fundamental #7 – Be Proactive

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